Batam Layer Cake

Kueh Lapiz or the layered cake is one of the signature items in Batam and it has become so popular with the tourists, particularly Singaporean and Malaysian, that outlets have sprung up all over in Batam.

This cake originated from the Dutch who once ruled Indonesia and the layered cake is one of the legacies behind, this form of cake has since evolved and is now available in many colors and flavors, including the exotic durian.

The pricing of this cake ranges from SGD 25-35. The difference in the price is mainly due to the ingredients like butter(or margarine) flavoring and preservatives.the pure kueh lapiz using butter and no preservation will not last more than 14 days whereas the cheaper cake with preservatives can last up to a month.many bakers also supply to order to ensure total freshness.the baking process is very painstaking and labor intensive to turn out perfect kueh lapis. the layers are clearly visible once the cake is cut into small slices and each layer can be peeled if you so wish.

many tourists returning to Singapore generally buy this cake.

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